Paul Joseph Commercial, Inc.

Austin, Texas

Sales, Leasing, & Consulting


We enhance the value of your real estate and maximize your profits and by customizing a solution to match your specific goals and objectives.

Paul Joseph Commercial, Inc. provides a full range of brokerage services along with commercial real estate development, sales, and consulting services. Our objective is to provide our clients with effective, individualized real estate solutions that achieve their objectives and maximize profits.

The key to our success is not only our knowledge and experience in the Austin real estate market but our belief that every transaction is unique. We believe that every successful real estate transaction begins and ends with integrity, and that belief is at the core of every deal we do.


Common questions we hear every day – What’s my property worth? How long will it take to sell. What is a feasiblity period? Do I have to _____ (fill in the blank) to sell my property? We can help smooth out the process of selling. Every property is unique and each buyer and seller’s needs are distinct.

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Leasing is more than just the rental price. The cheapest rent is not always the least expensive option. Other costs and contractual details can affect the value of a lease. Our knowledge of Austin’s real estate market and commercial lease structures enables us to negotiate the most favorable terms possible for our clients.

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You do not always have to pay a commission. Our consulting services take into account individualized situations. We provide owners of real estate options to reduce the costs of a transaction, including buying, selling, or transferring real estate to family.

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